Robert is a composer living in Boston, MA. He co-founded the Sleeping Giant composer collective and co-directs the Times Two Series. Send me emails at rhonstein@gmail.com !

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  • Mo 1.22.18: SH @ Seattle
  • Tu 1.23.18: SH @ Portland
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  • Th 2.22.18: Ash @ Strathmore
  • Mo 2.26.18: TIC @ MEE
  • We 2.28.18: Conduit @ Boston
  • Sa 3.3.18: MG @ MFA
  • Mo 3.5.18: TIC @ MEE
  • Sa 3.24.18: Hymning @ VU
  • Mo 3.26.18: SH @ Cleveland
  • We 3.28.18: SH @ Elyria
  • Th 3.29.18: SH @ U.Michigan
  • Su 4.8.18: Patter @ UNCG
  • Th 4.12.18: Timor @ Shift
  • Th 4.12.18: 3ANM @ Portland
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Talking in Circles

Violin and Viola – 14 minutes

Talking in Circles is a conversation that becomes an argument. Two characters are in dialogue, talking but not agreeing. They repeat themselves, making the same points in different ways. There is progress, but ultimately the conversation goes nowhere. In three movements – Give and Take, At odds, Agree to DisagreeTalking in Circles traces this evolution. Give and Take features an exchange, a constant back and forth between the instruments. At Odds, is a standoff. Lines have been drawn. Each side pleas their case, but their cries fall on deaf ears. Finally, in Agree to Disagree the pair are at an impasse. There is some common ground. The musicians find a way to come together, but it is an obstinate unity, a begrudging acceptence of differences.

Talking in Circles was written for the andPlay duo

Check out this fantastic performance video by Evan Chapman + andPlay