Robert is a composer living in Boston, MA. He co-founded the Sleeping Giant composer collective and co-directs the Times Two Series. Send me emails at rhonstein@gmail.com !

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  • Th 3.29.18: SH @ U.Michigan
  • Su 4.8.18: Patter @ UNCG
  • Th 4.12.18: Timor @ Shift
  • Th 4.12.18: 3ANM @ Portland
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Full Orchestra + Solo Clarinet in Bb (2222.4331.timp+2 perc.hrp.pno.strings) – 9 minutes

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I spent most of my summer living on Lake Champlain in upstate New York. I had just finished graduate school and moved out of my New Haven apartment with only the haziest plans for moving to Brooklyn in the fall. Future work and apartment, however, remained unknown. The beauty and calm of my lakeside life was in direct opposition to the uncertainty of my future and the stress of being in transition from student to non-student life. The tension between these two extremes found its way into my piece. Both the lapping of the waves and the sense of being on the verge of some unknown change can be heard throughout. The music begins with a simple undulating motive and approaches successive climaxes always cutting short before any kind of resolution. Finally, we are left in a new but equally unresolved place going somewhere but never quite arriving.

This piece was commissioned by the New York Youth Symphony through their First Music commissioning program and was premiered on 12.5.10 at Carnegie Hall by Ryan McAdams and the New York Youth Symphony with Anthony McGill as soloist. The recording below is from a preview performance at Queens College.


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Premiered 12.5.10 at Carnegie Hall, New York, NY.


New York Times, 12.8.10