Robert is a composer living in Boston, MA. He co-founded the Sleeping Giant composer collective and co-directs the Times Two Series. Send me emails at rhonstein@gmail.com !

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Events Calendar

  • Mo 1.22.18: SH @ Seattle
  • Tu 1.23.18: SH @ Portland
  • Th 2.8.18: SH @ TSU
  • Th 2.22.18: Ash @ Strathmore
  • Mo 2.26.18: TIC @ MEE
  • We 2.28.18: Conduit @ Boston
  • Sa 3.3.18: MG @ MFA
  • Mo 3.5.18: TIC @ MEE
  • Sa 3.24.18: Hymning @ VU
  • Mo 3.26.18: SH @ Cleveland
  • We 3.28.18: SH @ Elyria
  • Th 3.29.18: SH @ U.Michigan
  • Su 4.8.18: Patter @ UNCG
  • Th 4.12.18: Timor @ Shift
  • Th 4.12.18: 3ANM @ Portland
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September Beaches

Fourteen part Women’s choir, piano and glockenspiel

September Beaches was originally a commission for the UT Womens Chorus. It ended up being a kind of lament for the end of summer. I told this story through a text collage of beach boys lyrics. As it turns out there are only a handful of Beach Boys songs with the word ‘summer’ in the title. From those songs I culled individual words to create a text full of images and associations to summer. The result is something like a Morricone piece, where words convey an image, place, and mood, but dont necessarily have a narrative or even syntactical relationship to each other. It’s more like a tapestry of words evoking the pleasure of summer and the melancholy we feel as autumn approaches.


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Premiered 4.24.07 St. David Episcopal Church, Austin, TX.