Robert is a composer living in Boston, MA. He co-founded the Sleeping Giant composer collective and co-directs the Times Two Series. Send me emails at rhonstein@gmail.com !

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  • Mo 1.22.18: SH @ Seattle
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  • We 2.28.18: Conduit @ Boston
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  • We 3.28.18: SH @ Elyria
  • Th 3.29.18: SH @ U.Michigan
  • Su 4.8.18: Patter @ UNCG
  • Th 4.12.18: Timor @ Shift
  • Th 4.12.18: 3ANM @ Portland
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On the softer side

Baritone Sax and Piano – 6 minutes

On the softer side was composed for saxophonist Erik Steighner and premiered at the 2008 North American Saxophone Alliance conference. I imagined Erik looming over me with his giant metal horn as I somehow tried to make my lumbering, wooden piano keep up with his blistering bari riffs. This piece is the result. The opening begins with the instruments speaking almost as one as they articulate a soft, but rhythmically active melody. The initial drive never leaves, propelling the two instruments to an unforeseen destination before returning, not entirely unscathed, to the work’s opening material. On the softer side was composed in a spirit of fun and collaboration and meant primarily as a vehicle for Erik and I to play some snappy music together. Enjoy.

This recording is of Erik and I at the 2008 North American Saxophone Alliance conference.


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Premiered 4.19.08 at the North American Saxophone Alliance Conference