Robert is a composer living in Boston, MA. He co-founded the Sleeping Giant composer collective and co-directs the Times Two Series. Send me emails at rhonstein@gmail.com !

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July Society

Brass Quintet (2 trumpets, French Horn, Tenor and Bass Trombone)

‘July Society’ is an exploration of the idea of working in concert. The work begins with an utterance of identities as each instrument asserts their unique voice and role in the collective effort. What evolves from an initial community of sound is a reflection of the roles sentient beings naturally assume. When the trombone drops to a lower register we hear the historian documenting the passage of time. As the horn flitters we are reminded of the insect residing low on the food chain yet so integral to the survival of others. The bold statements by the trumpet are inextricably tied to those who serve and protect, providing the safety that allows all to co-exist harmoniously. ‘July Society’ ends twice; the first a collective agreement of finality, and the second, a closing expression of the nostalgia and longing that arose during the composition of this brass quintet.

This recording is from the New Music New Haven premiere.

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Premiered 11.04.08 on New Music New Haven by Elizabeth Fleming, Douglas Lindsey, John Brandon, Ted Sonnier and Richard Henebry